Roundtable - the Launch Support you've been looking for.

Created for and by travelers in the Accounting Space.

Who We Are.

For accounting professionals, by accounting professionals - we are a community of everyone from solopreneurs to CEOs.
What we have in common is that chances are, wherever you are, we've been there (wherever there is) before.  
In short, we are passionate about using our community to challenge, learn from, and support each other -- so that we all can reach our unique entrepreneurial destinations

Why Join Us?

Regardless of the accounting software you use in your practice, whether you have employees or are solo, how many years you've been doing all this, or frankly whether you'd call what you do part of a 'practice' at all -- you’ll find a group of people who get you.  
We may be all on different paths, but we are definitely traveling in the same orbit.  We all are people who are looking at our business as a platform to do more.

A Big Thanks!

When you join us at Roundtable, you'll find a wealth of tools and opportunities ready to give you a big boost on your way into orbit.
But at the end of the day, what how much you take away from the Roundtable experience  is directly related to what you give.  We are only as good as our members - and frankly, this is what makes Roundtable OUT OF THIS WORLD.